This October, musician/artist Ted Riederer will bring his critically acclaimed project, Never Records, to New Orleans. Never Records has travelled from New York City, to the Liverpool Biennial, to Lisbon, to Derry, Ireland, and to London where it was sposnored in part by the Tate Modern. Time Out London callled it, "the most exciting new outlet to open in years...." Riederer will install Never Records in a vacant shop at 841 Carondelet St. in a space generously donated by Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, October 6th-November 4th, 2012.

Never Records is a multi-media multi-artist project by New York artist/musician Ted Riederer. Exploring the potential of a ficticious record store and record label to unite, educate, and uplift a community through record­ed sound, Riederer's project began in an abandoned Tower Records near Union Square in New York City. In January 2010, Riederer, in collaboration with curators No Longer Empty, created what the Wall Street Jour­nal described as a "mock shop" that served as a "love letter to the dying concept of the record store."

The BBC wrote, "Never Records is a mock record shop that only stocks vinyl that has been cut in the store itself. Using microphones and a specialist vinyl-cutting turntable at one end of the "store", New York artist Ted Riederer has been recording musicians on the spot before giving them freshly-pressed 12-inch records of their songs."

Performers from any background and any skill level can sign up for recording sessions inside the art installa­tion and leave with a freshly cut vinyl record of their performance.Visitors to the exhibition can view all of the unique artwork in the shop designed to mimick a long-operating record shop, listen to any of the recordings from all of the Never Record's installations on a turntable in the shop, and watch performances being recorded and cut live.

In an interview with the London radio station Resonance FM, Riederer explained the goals of Never Records,"In a world of Facebook fatigue, Never Records is an attempt to create an actual community as opposed to a virtual one." According to Riederer, Never Records is also an attempt to break down the barriers between museums and galleries, and the communities that they often fail to serve. Riederer aims to record at least 100 performances in New Orleans during the month of October. Riederer will endeavor to capture every possible facet of New Orleans that can be perfrormed and recorded. In Ireland, participants included local historians, poets, playwrights, and even a skype session with a performance artist from Dublin. In London an astronomer lectured to visitors inside the installation while Riederer cut his voice directly to vinyl. In Lisbon, Riederer travelled to neighborhood collectives to record children's marches and Fado music.

Never Records will also feature work from local visual artists alongside the artwork of national and international artists. Arturo Vega, the artist behind the Ramones, will design a t-shirt that will be printed inside the shop. Prospect founder, Dan Cameron will curate a series of performances the weekend of October 26th.

Never Records is made possible by the generosity of the Jazz Heritage Foundation, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, and Jessica and Nick Mayor.

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