"You guys are my secret operatives. Today I have a really important mission." Ray looked at his team of loyal and able-bodied friends as they listened attentively to his mission briefing. Driving home the objective, Ray made it clear to his men: "But the main goal here guys, is to break down the door." In a few moments, they would embark on their mission to rescue Grace from her captors. Fast forward 7 hours. Grace and Ray would be subject to a retaliation from the same supporters in the morning! Thankfully their tests would prove to be no match for Grace and Ray's bond together.

From the morning full of laughter and fun, continuing onto the games of the evening, we could not ask for a better couple to spend our day with.

Produced by Cloud in the Sky Studios.

Ottawa Wedding Videography

© 2012 Cloud in the Sky Studios Inc.

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