A collaborative non-fiction, experimental autoethnography, exploring queer time, kinship, and history.

Spring, 2012

"still, is a 20-minute non-fiction, essay video, exploring queer time, place, and history. It is the scraps on the editor's floor; the moments that are considered throw-aways, the ones without plot or device, the queer measurement of time. Through the video we see archival footage and footage from what we assume is present day. We see queers who appear to have been plucked from some urban center and dropped into a rural area; we see hands, and faces, and legs, and arms, and bodies together; we see time pass, but why? There is no leading towards anything, just time moving forward as it does when you hit record on the video camera. It is a document of both a moment just past, and a past moment we know little about. Who do these faceless bodies from the 1950’s belong to? What bodies belong to these young queer faces? The body and the ‘present’ are dislocated in Still and we resign ourselves to simply exist in the fleeting moment that the video creates."
-jules rosskam

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