Series of different projects, directed by Daniel Salan and Freya McOmish.

1. Diamond in the Rough - Music Video for Fródi & The Pink Slips - dir. Daniel Salan

2. Clip My Wings - Music Video for Ranger Spacey - dir. & VFX Freya McOmish

3. Denmark's Sustainable Solutions: Using Waste for Energy at Amagerforbrænding - Short Documentary - dir. Freya McOmish

4. Germany's Sustainable Solutions: a Shift to Renewable Energy - Short Documentary - dir. Freya McOmish

5. Passion is a crime - Music Video for Delaykliniken - dir. Daniel Salan

6. Navis Boards - Longboard Promotional 2012 - dir. Daniel Salan

7. Superior Challenge 8: interviews Marcus Davis - dir. Daniel Salan

8. Freedom - Short Film - dir. Freya McOmish

9. Oh boy - Music Video for Louise Dubiel - dir. Daniel Salan

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