Texas Grow! Eat! Go! video on cleaning and preparing Bok Choy.

Vegetables taste good and are easy to prepare. Eating lots of colorful vegetables can improve your health and stop certain diseases. Today we will show you how to prepare bok choy as a snack.

Bok Choy is also known as Chinese cabbage or white cabbage even though it doesn’t look like the round
cabbage we are used to seeing. Bok Choy makes a healthy snack because, like most vegetables, it is fat free
and low in sodium. It also provides an excellent source of Vitamin A. You want to make sure you choose bok
choy with firm stems and leaves that are free of brown spots.

Before you begin, make sure your kitchen countertops, workspace and utensils are clean. Before washing the bok choy, wash your own hands to prevent germs. Rinse the bok choy under running water in the sink until all sand and grit is washed away. Choose and wash only the amount of bok choy that your family can eat
for the next two days.

Have an adult cut off the root with a knife. This part of the Bok Choy is not eaten. Then chop up the stem and leaves into bite size pieces.

Raw Bok Choy makes a great addition to salads and sandwiches. Cooking bok choy is another option for a
quick nutritious snack. Heat olive oil on the stove top and add the stems first. The stems will take longer to cook
because they are thicker. After a few minutes, add the bok choy leaves and stir continuously. You will know
the bok choy is done once the stems are transparent or easily seen through.

Cooked Bok Choy does not store as well. It is best to store bok choy raw and in the refrigerator for one or two

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