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Video Update: Hearts of Men film team joins forces with Rape for Profit film team:

You cannot kill a tree by picking its fruit. You must kill its roots.

Unearthed has launched production of "The Hearts of Men" - a feature length documentary engaging men that fuel demand in sexual exploitation - the missing link in this battle. What would it look like for men to be whole? That's the question we're answering in this film. Groundswell will tell you about our journey up to this point, and give you a few ways to partner with us.

Hearts of Men will be released in the first quarter of 2015. More information about the film is available on a site we made specifically for the film:


Director | Tony Anderson
Edit, Grade & Script Revision | Shepherd Ahlers -
Cinematography | Derek Hammeke, Tony Anderson, Shepherd Ahlers
Additional B-Roll | Jordan West, Crawford Ifland -
Opening & Closing Animations | Ryan Scott -
Voiceover | Sarah Woodall
Logo Design & Concept | Austin Eidson -
Score | Tony Anderson -

Interview Guests (In Order of Appearance)

Tim Keller - Author & Pastor @ Redeemer Presbyterian Church | NYC
Justin Holcomb - Author, Professor & Episcopal Priest
Mark Driscoll - Lead Pastor @ Mars Hill Church | Seattle
Tim Gaydos - Seattle, WA
Clive Human - STOP | Cape Town, South Africa
Rob Morris - Director @ LOVE146 | NYC
Lindsey Holcomb - Co-Author of "Rid of My Disgrace" | Seattle
Rick Ifland - Unearthed Board Chairman | Lexington

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