Video from a Live Talks Los Angeles event with Naomi Wolf discussing her book, Vagina: A New Biography. She is in conversation with radio host Terrence McNally. Event was held on September 18 at Track 16 at Bergamot Station. To learn more about Live Talks Los Angeles, visit:

A provocative new book from the bestselling author of The Beaty Myth tackles female sexuality. In her landmark bestsellers, Naomi Wolf has explored important subjects from the commercialization of childbirth and motherhood, to how media images of beauty are used against women.

Now, in Vagina: A New Biography, Wolf reveals scientific evidence of the direct link between a woman’s experience of her vagina, and her very sense of self.

Wolf asks: If the vagina and the brain are essentially parts of one network, then what do women really need – not only for sexual fulfillment, but for overall confidence, self-realization and well-being?

Join us at Live Talks Los Angeles as she discusses how science and history, religion and literature, have helped her to answer this question.

Terrence NcNally is host of Free Forum on KPFK which is heard in Los Angeles and New York. On his weekly radio show, McNally engages the most visionary thinkers, writers, and doers he can find to make sense of the current moment and shed light on the path ahead.

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