This film belongs to the project 'Hidden Topology of Being'.
We have already acknowledged that our world may look very different than what our limited and easy deceivable perception makes us to believe. Quantum physics, for example, and especially the superstring theory, assumes existence of additional dimensions contracted to the subatomic level.
But the evolution of our universe could follow the opposite direction. According to other theories, the multidimensional world collapsed into a four dimensional one and even this one can be, like a hologram, a perceptual illusion.
Looking at the globular molecule of a protein, the basic brick of life, at its writhing helices which atoms affect each other regardless the orderly narration of chemical bonds, we wonder, whether our own trajectories of life wriggle on a rumply two-dimensional surface like on a crumpled sheet of paper which crinkles assure us the variety of experiences and relations providing us with multidimensional illusions?

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