Big Freedia is doing a song with RuPaul called "Peanut Butter" and he is releasing a new single and video for this song called "Step Into the Ring."

It's the one, the only, the majestic, the magnificent Big Freedia, the Queen Diva.

A take-no-prisoners, six-foot (seven in heels) transgender 'sissy bounce' MC from New Orleans, Big Freedia has been taking the sweat-drenched gospel of booty shaking to the four corners of the globe for over a decade. With hyperactive flow, frenetic beats, a powerhouse dance posse and a live show that has to be seen to be believed - her song 'Azz Everywhere' describes it well - Big Freedia and The Divas have one mission and one mission only: making you shake your ass like you've never shaken it before.

For more information about "Big Freedia, The Dick Eater, The Late Night Creeper, Stalkin' Yo Man, You Betta Believa!":

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