One Second Epic, an iPhone app that captures your life seconds at a time.

What did you do today? Did you go to an amazing party? Did you laugh uncontrollably? Did you have the thrill of your life? One Second Epic captures your life, a few seconds at a time! It lets you share with friends and family, unique stories of life's experiences by simply joining together short video clips of your day.

One Second Epic let's you collect video, and organize them as 'epics'. Epics present a truly unique perspective of one's life. Imagine watching the highlights of an incredible party in 30 seconds. Recall the most exciting moments of weekend getaway in 15 seconds. Or, imagine watching a year's long highlight film of your life in a few short minutes!

One Second Epic is a unique way to create and share videos of you, and the people you care about. Start using One Second Epic today. Capture, connect and share your life.

Every second counts!

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