November 7, 2002, 9 pm

choreography and artistic direction: Pablo Ventura
dance: Ventura Dance Company: Arlette Kunz, Sonia Rocha, Yong-In Lee, Barbra Noh, Markus Heckel
original music, sound installation: Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag
interactive sound programming: Frieder Weiß
Construction wireless transmitter: Jens Bakenhus
stage design: Pablo Ventura
lighting: Antje Brückner
video design: Pablo Ventura, Tobias Peier
costume realisation: Barbara Mens
Videotechnik/ video technician: Maik Blaum
graphic design: Tobias Peier
photos: Pablo Ventura
administration: Marcel Auf der Maur
Software: Life Forms 3.5, EyeCon

"A new body would rise, phoenix-like, from the flames of the digital and the ashes of the real." (Robert Nirre)
During the past CYNETart festivals, I have presented works which underline my concern for the relations between the human body and technology, between the human body and machines. I will now be presenting a series of dance sequences in an interactive setting created with the intention of rounding up some of the experiences gathered so far, and aiming at attaining an interconnectedness and an intricate relation between the different aspects involved: dance, sounds and moving images. Motion and stillness being the key words pertaining to this work, with the human body as the determining factor in the context of an audiovisual installation.
In De Humani, I am mostly concerned with the complex combinations of body parts set in motion. The whole work is to be perceived as an active body itself comprised of the dance/body mechanics, sounds, and moving images; a whole fabric integrating structure and function.
The fragmentation of body parts and their reassembling in new ways in motion, the combination of movement sequences in space, the reaction of the sound environment to the unexpected motions of the dancers, and the combination of moving images through the mixing and re-mixing of videos all contribute to choreographing space and time from the human body to its surroundings.
With De Humani, I do not pretend to discover new technological means nor am I trying to make an issue of the technology used. I am rather collecting the experience and knowledge acquired so far with the different software and interactive systems used in my previous works in order to exploit the expressive potential of man's technology to express human condition. It is an approach to mankind via mankind's constructs, via the machines that mirror us.

The Ventura Dance Company would like to thank Presidialdepartement der Stadt Zürich, Kulturförderung des Kantons Zürich, Schweizer Kulturstiftung Pro Helvetia, Ernst Göhner Stiftung

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