Johanna Tagada is a French Berlin based artist and textile designer, who lives in a dreamy and adventurous world inspired by literature, cinema, dance, ethnology and languages, where ideas take shape, colors and purpose.

After her art and textile design studies and a short stay in Zürich, Johanna moved to Berlin on a cold May morning, where she found not only inspiration but also many new opportunities to showcase her artworks. Soulful and passionate for lovely and dreamy details, Johanna's work is a mix of various media and never-ending techniques such as photography, painting, drawing, knitting, sewing, printing, and consists primarily of pencil drawings, knitted necklaces, pattern design and paintings. Johanna's work reflects her own world of emotions, love, pleasure, disappointment, fear and loneliness and all her paintings illustrate the invisible world of feelings surrounding us.

Say bonjour to Joanna and follow her through the twists and turns of her life in Berlin:

The Creative Diaries episodes by FRS document personal views on lifestyle, fashion, design, art and culture. These Episodes aim to endlessly inspire you for what they do. Enjoy!

Video by Daniel Matias
Music by Stina Nordenstam - Little Star

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