For years Saxon has been riding pushbikes downhill in the dirt. He is now on his L’s so Uncle Stephen accompanied him as Saxon rode his mother's motorbike in the dirt. Using a mounted camera they filmed each other’s fun.

Finally Saxon is old enough to own his bike learner’s license and this is his first weekend ‘honing his skills’, as he puts it.

In the first part of the film the footage was taken by Saxon who is wearing the camera on his helmet. The latter half of the film contains footage captured by Uncle Stephen (now wearing Saxon’s helmet) accompanying Saxon, who rode his mother's motorbike.

Sadly the interview audio is not strong because we shot it near a large body of water (Shoalhaven River), and underestimated the noise value of the cacophony of birds chirruping away incessantly (a lesson to remember for next time).

Nevertheless, I urge you to listen for in this story Saxon talks elegantly about what he enjoyed of this weekend’s experience, and compares his experiences of dirt bike riding to motor cross riding.

Music written and performed by K. White 2012.

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