Fall's arrived in the northern hemisphere. The signal for the trees to change their colors and shed their leaves for the colder seasons is less daylight in each day. As the chlorophyll in the leaves die we start being able to see the different hues that were always there, but hidden from us. The peak period for all of the colors never lasts long, (usually only about 2 weeks) and sometimes it's a challenge getting out there to film it at its most brilliant in that short timeframe. Heavy cloud cover and rain can make for dull colors, however, when the sun does come out, the results can be pretty spectacular.

These are some of the colors I saw in Eastern Ontario this Fall along highway 7, Perth, Kingston and Brockville.

Filmed on my Canon XA10 on Oct 8th, 13th and 17th, 2012.

Photos: plus.google.com/photos/116335589582347620429/albums/5797515992609783265

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