A sweet treat on a hot autumn eve. Inspired by the act of picking sun-warmed blackberries and saving the ones you don’t eat. Guest starring the bees who made the honey! Goji berries were added for extra goodness.


150 mls honey
150 mls hot water
Juice of one full lemon
1/8 cup of goji berries.
3 cups of blackberries


Soak goji berries in water while you prepare the rest.
Boil water
Mix hot water 150 ml and 150 ml of honey and stir until dissolved.
Squeeze lemon into honey water.
Mix berries, strained goji berries, and honey/lemon mixture and blend well.
If you don’t like seeds strain through a cheesecloth.
Pour into container and put into freezer to freeze. Either shallow baking dish or glass tupperware
When frozen put back in blender and blend again before serving!

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