In Cheongdam, a mecca of the latest fashion and trend in Korea, the former movie theater, Cinecity was turned into a culture complex, Cheongdam CGV, where Kia Cinema—a brand showroom—opened on its 5th and 6th floors as a brand collaboration. Like in a usual theater, moviegoers buy tickets and enjoy watching a movie at Kia Cinema. Thus, it needed something special to express its brand identity to the extent not to give visitors an unfavorable impression. More than all, a sophisticated attitude to place emphasis on brand identity, not overly but naturally, was required.

Let those who visit the theater experience the branded contents to the extent not to harm the original purpose of their visiting place; in addition, make them enjoy an exciting experience in a specific space of a vehicle even at the movie theater, which leads to feeling a favorable impression on the brand; and further, let them do a usual thing at the movie theater and at the same time recognize the theater as a place where they can enjoy a differentiated experience from in any other movie theater.

The lobby space and the interior of the theater were independently decorated to express Kia Motors’ brand identity.

Beside the front screen of the brand showroom theater, its three sides including left and right sides and its ceiling were additionally attached a screen, which was a 4-screen system giving moviegoers a feeling as if they looked out a car window. The system features a 4-screen specialized image.

Pinpointing those distinguishing marks, Vinyl I produced a brand image for Kia Motors’ vehicles--K5 as well as Ray, a box-shaped compact car that made its sensational debut this year.

It produced a 2’30” short film featuring young men and girls considering the fact that Cheongdam CGV has witnessed lots of moviegoers consisting of young couples. The film was in a storytelling format where Kia Motors’ brand was naturally exposed.

The 4-screen movie system is not only the first attempt in the world but also an example to induce a genre combination of a commercial advertisement with a short film. The production staff of the short film for advertisement consisted of the teams for film shooting and CF production. Unlike an ordinary TV advertisement, the short film was shot by adapting 5.1ch Dolby sound and differentiated its production method by using special devices such as a techno crane for filming a realistic driving scene.

Vinyl I first produced the contents applicable to such a unique communication platform, creating a success story.

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