Originally cut for Sound Summit 2012, this documentary features six Brisbane musicians discussing points and differences of the city's music scene of the last 3 or 4 years, mainly the event Audiopollen. Conversations on the changing faces of social clubs, venues, houses and spaces in the city. Testimonials on being a passionate underground musician in BNE. I wanted to call it something that was both bold and meaningless. I made this film by interviewing my friends and going to all their shows for the past 3 years.

Joel Stern - Audiopollen (with Yusuke Akai), Disembraining, Sky Needle. Proactive community member and international man of leisure.

Laura Hill - Scraps. Originally from Ipswich, lives in Paddington bourgeois yuppie-rat suburb. Empire of honesty, sincerity and authenticity.

Glen Schenau - Per Purpose drive-horse. Meticulous record-collector. Australian music encyclopedia/trash mag.

Matt Earle - Blue Mountains immigrant. Breakdance the Dawn brain-stem and generous DIY venue owner. A horticultural master of transplanting.

Blank Realm - The band. Collective goofballs making some of Australia's best music after 7 or 8 years of trying to nail down playing to a beat.

Matt Kennedy - Kitchen's Floor. Lives down the road from Laura. Media-tycoon. Also runs a Robert Vagg museum of art in his house.

This film was made by me (Josh Watson) in the last two weeks of September 2012.

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