"New Formality" (Behind the scenes of a fashion shoot)

Style of the 1970's
The 70s' was the era of individuality and breakaway in fashion. The separation between the quirky and classic was a new generation where architecture and surroundings were used to inspire the way in which people dressed, groomed and presented themselves.

Tailored Elegance
Stylish, Fitted, and unique are what gentleman look for in a suit. Fashion in the 1970s was a very important aspect in people's lives, this was the time where elegant and classic styles became a massive success.
We have been inspired by Ralph Lauren's Purple Label collection. It was great to see a brand that works so closely with sportswear taking a risk and working with a more groomed and classic look. Tom ford is also a great ambassador in the world of men's fashion and has setup several shops dedicated to men's fashion.

Classic Barbering
Masculine shapes and square positioned sections to create very classic and easy on the eye looks, which would then be refined and altered depending on the suitability and desire of the final outcome.

Hairstylists: Michael Pilz, Philip Michael Smith
Designer: Hiroaki Kanai
Photography/Video: Darren Brade
Assistant: Andrew Eastwood
Models: Michael, Robin, Wesley
Music "Eargasms" by Voodoo Trash


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