Last September the wind forecast for Austria didn´t look to promising and as usual we started checking the forecasts for Croatia, Italy and other places around Europe. Surfing through the internet we saw pictures of Denmark going off at the moment. We immediately checked the forecasts for Klitmoller and were pretty keen to head north. But how do you travel from Vienna to Klitmoller (it´s quite far). By car it would be at least a 15 hours drive. Flying isn´t really an option as well. We found out that travelling by train is by far the cheapest and most relaxing way to travel there. On the next evening we found ourselves sitting in the train drinking a beer. The train left Vienna in the evening and arrived in Hamburg in the early morning. It could not be better: you sleep the whole night, wake up, get in the car which is packed in the back of the train and start driving. 4-5 hours later we were in Klitmoller rigging our sails and immediately went on the water without being tired from our journey.
The days up north were perfect, windy everyday and us trying to wavesail. Until now we only have been south of Austria sailing and it was a whole new experience which was great!
Don´t expect an action packed movie. It´s more or less a short video which shows our amazing trip to Klitmoller.
We enjoyed everyy second and will come back soon.

Music: Train D-Lay ft. Christina M. - I wish

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