Young Life Inland Northwest has been reaching out to young people for over 70 years. They began as a program for high school students in 1941, and have now grown to include outreach programs for middle school students, college students, teen moms and kids with disabilities.
This video documents Young Life’s new campaign, “Reaching a World of Kids”. The campaign has four initiatives which are already creating a huge difference for young people in the Northwest region.
The multicultural and urban initiative is a leadership generation initiative which focuses on creating young urban leaders that will be able to reach out to other kids. The multicultural aspect of this program allows the kids a space where they can celebrate and learn about their heritage.
The Young Life college initiative reaches out to college kids in the Northwest, helping them develop their relationship with God, and providing support for them in one of the most important and challenging periods in their lives.
The YoungLives Teen Mothers initiative mentors and supports teen mothers. This is an initiative which not only changes lives, but also changes generations. In the video, a young teen mom, Maria Hernandez, recounts her experience with Young Life and how it has given her the support that she would not have had otherwise.
Last but not least, there is the camping initiative. Young Life provides an unforgettable one-week camp experience for 1200 kids every summer. The point of this is to allow kids a time-out from the stress of their daily lives, where they can unwind and have fun, while deepening their relationship with Jesus.
To find out more about Young Life’s life-changing campaign, watch the video above!

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