To understand SORAPOL’s collection, one must understand Euphoria. It all started in 1974...

Catherine was born into a wealthy and reputable family. However, Catherine never felt at home, stifled by her family heritage. One day, free spirit that she was, she made her journey to London where she took up residence at one of the family’s townhouses on the King’s Road, a centre of flourishing artistic and bohemian activity.

She frequently indulged in every pleasure London offered her, charging about town for days on end, a legion of socialites at her beck and call. Although she lived in the lap of luxury, frequently entertaining élite circles of friends, somehow, Catherine was not satisfied in her world of privilege and excess. Known by those closest to her for her ethereal, inquisitive nature, Catherine clung to the idea of being immersed in another universe and dreamed of a world where the routine of human life was obsolete; where fantastical extravagance was commonplace.

Sparing no expense in her efforts to quench her thirst for more, Catherine tried
everything. Eventually, with the last of her money spent and gone, she remembered a small black box she kept hidden away in her room. The box had been given to her five years ago by her first love who had disappeared without trace after an illustrious musical career. After contemplating the fate of the box, Catherine made up her mind to open it. Within, she discovered a black leather pouch with “SORAPOL” embroidered in gold. Ingesting the mysterious contents the only way she knew how, she took a long bus ride through the city she knew and loved. At last, Catherine finally realised what it was she craved: a world without struggle; without suffering. As she sank into the last row of seats on the second level of a deserted London bus, she heard a voice as she closed her eyes, whispering “Welcome to Euphoria ...”

Head Designer – Sorapol Chawaphatnakul
Creative Director – Daniel Lismore
Production – Robert Pinnock
Visual Art (Masks) & Illustration – Achraf Amiri
Hair – Snowden Hill for Fudge
Make up – Illamasqua
Nails – Filthy Gorgeous
Music – Jason Buckham
Leather – Riina Oun
Choreographer – Filip Jankovic and Joelle D’Fontaine
Videography – Conor Gorman and George Allan
Backstage Videography – Basement Films
Backstage Photography – Linda Cooper
Voiceovers – Karen Cooper, Danny Small and Morgan Small
Models – D1, Luke Worrall and Aiden Shaw at Success Models

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