Potens Mens means Powerful Minds in Latin. The idea behind this project is power, more so the power of our minds. When i was a kid, i used to fear the dark. I think darkness is everyones first fear, as we get older we realise this is based around our perception of it.

I also believe that our minds control our fears and limit us. The first quote is what Joe Kittinger said to Felix Baumgartner before he made the leap of faith, I imagine what went through his head! The second quote is what Neil Armstrong said before he set foot on the moon. Doing what we believed was impossible, What the mind believed was impossible.

I'm a huge fan of bboying, there is no artform better than that. I chose Marius, a power mover, who i KNOW had to overcome mental challenged to be able to move so elegantly and control his body by controlling his perceptions of what might happen if he failed a move.

The sound is very specific, i searched for a track that seemed like "start. stop". This is because when i was learning to backflip, i felt prepared and my mind would shut down just before i was about to attempt and restarted when i couldn't.

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