We are confronted by conflict on a daily base. It's hidden in our daily routines and often exposes itself in many different emotions like: a dilemma, a doubt, a misconception, disgust, pain, regret and so on. But it is this energy that thrives us to push forward. It's the constant getting rid of the old to replace with something new. It's a mechanism that forces us to choose side and by doing so we keep in motion of renewal. New formats and points of view form along the way as we are being pushed into the future by the power of conflict.

Dutch Invertuals are: Adrian Petrucci & Olivia de Gouveia, Breg Hanssen, Edhv, Jeroen Wand, Jetske Visser & Michiel Martens, Kirstie van Noort & Rogier Arents, Max Lipsey, Studio Mieke Meijer and Raw Color.
Initiator and curator Wendy Plomp

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