This is the 4th profile of how to make a talking-head come alive with minimal post production.

Our local medical center shot the original footage: a stand-up static shot in front of their Logo-Drop with available light. No zoom nor pan. And again, under fluorescents.
It is a hand-held static shot of a colleague sharing her personal experiences with both Catholic Healthcare East for over 25 years and the last four years at the Medical Center.

The static hand-held shot was first put through a "steady-cam" filter and then a color balance. I also added luminance with a 25% "glow" on a secondary track. This brought out some of the facial highlights of the subject. A tertiary matte was then added to allow for a gaussian blur and "comic" filter to provide a dimension and match a style that I've included on the previous three YOUTUBE videos in this series.

After the filters, I also added some post movement to mirror a seamless pan & zoom. Finished up with a lower-thirds to identify the colleague and a set of bookend into/out-tro to help establish this one video as a chapter in a very engaging series.

The original YOUTUBE video - without any post production - can be found at:

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