protest without aesthetics and form

HD Video | 16:9 | 14 min | 2011

idea | script | director: Manfred Rainer
set design | costumes: Hanah Rosa Öllinger
actor: Pawel Szostak

„Protest without Aesthetics and Form“ is a conceptual Film that deals with current Problems in the field of Protest.
The protagonist Pawel Szostak tells the story of a fictional protest that might have taken place in Warsaw in 1999. He sketches the nearly hopeless attempt to start an anticapitalist protest that is neither nostalgic nor in danger of being incorporated.
He presents a tour de force of thought experiments about a protest whose core is the permanent aesthetical and formal change of the protest and its participants:

„We were all individuals and we did not want to adjust to the group, but rather the group should be defined by the individuality of every member.
Everybody had to think and act by themselves and could not use the group as an excuse. I don't know what really kept us together. The lowest common denominator. I think we simply wanted to change something.“

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