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"SHOCKING Weight Loss" - Diet vs. Exercise The True.. Hey all, Kyle Leon here and if this is the first time you've been exposed to my muscle building and fat loss education I'd like to welcome you! I'm a Blue Star Nutraceuticals' sponsored athlete, and creator of the best selling e-courses, The Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer and Customized Fat Loss.

In this video, I outline a hypothetical experiment that illustrates the truth about weight loss. Ideally, you'll create a caloric deficit through exercise if & whenever possible because putting yourself in a caloric deficit through exercise, increases the bodies systems ability to produce fat burning hormones, enzymes, and you're going to be MUCH better off. In summery, eat as much as you can if you're going to put your body into a caloric deficit through exercise.

My YouTube channel is dedicated to providing FREE muscle building and fat loss tips, tricks and techniques. Here's a link to my channel home page: howgainmuscle.org

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