Epic Effect

Produced By Shaolin Productions
#shaolinproductions on quakenet

Frags by SerbiaN

Trickjumps by SerbiaN

Demos used for this vid are from Official matches, praccies, mixed teams,
pugs and pubs. All frags and jumps performed by Serbian exclusively.
Serb can be found in #emaho, #shaolinproductions, #infensus, filanthropy
on QNet and #team-effect on Gamesurge.

Epic Effect contains two different audio track, the original and a remix made by
Shaolin Production's JRB. Hopefully the following Q&A's should resolve any problems
you may have getting the movie to run correctly.

Music - (in order used)

Track 1 (Binarybiscuit's Original Mix)
Stealth Overture - Apollo 440
Pompeii - E.S. Posthumus
Remove The Armour - Praga Khan
Right Heres the Spot - Basement Jaxx
Estremox - E.S. Posthumus

COPYRIGHT MMIV Shaolin Productions
Respected audio artists

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