This is part two of my Conor Maynard submission.

In this clip, I wanted to show how dancers could be incorporated into an already existing stage performance. Based on clips I have seen, Conor usually just has his band on the stage behind him, which is great. However, I feel that by adding two or three dancers to the performance of certain tracks, their dynamic would enhance the energy, and take the show to another level.

To fit them in with the band, I gave the dancers dummy mikes and stands which they could use to make the choreography and staging more interesting, without having them move around too much and pull focus. Conor could also do a few dance steps with the dancers in order to avoid feeling disconnected from the performers behind him.

Again, thank you everyone who gave up their time and brought this project to life!!!

Choreography and staging: Miha Matevzic
Conor Maynard: George Hodson
Dancers: Kane Silver, Jonathan Bishop, Alexandra Schoendorf

Special thanks to: Kibo Mark, Kyle Anthony and Courtney Phillip

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