This ia a video that some friends and myself produced for a friends marriage proposal. We are all from Brazil and the video is in Portuguese.
It took 1 week from pre-production to the finished work you are watching right now.
It was all filmed on the backyard of my house and took a total of 7 hours on a friday night to do all shooting.
I had a hard time trying to find the best compression configuration, sometimes pixels may appear odd.

Art Director / Writer / Original Screenplay / The one who is going to marry - Julio Cesar de Sá
Studio Director / Director of Photography / Camera - Rafael Nasser
Assistant director / Audio Technician / Video Editor / Post Production - Rodrigo A. Caetano

Camera - Canon 7D
Lenses - Carl Zeiss Jena 120mm f/2.8 ; Carl Zeiss Jena 180mm f/2.8
Audio - Canon T2i with Rode Directional Microfone (and Magic Lantern installed)


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