The Short Story of the 3 of us.

We're 3 musicians

Nikola Ragusa - flute -

Natalie Spehar - cello -

Amelie Brodeur - flute and piano -

We met just under a year ago on twitter and found that we shared similar love for performance and enthusiasm over various styles of music. We decided this called for a special get-together, and made plans for Nikola and Amelie to come all the way down from Montreal this past July to play in the heart of Washington DC! The concert was so much fun, that we knew we must continue the collaboration-- So we decided to create an album with music from the concert and other music that we love to play!

What will be on the Album?

Music from all over the America's!

Heitor Villa-Lobos (Brazilian Composer)
Marc Mellits (American Composer)
Astor Piazzolla (Argentinian Composer)

+ a few other surprises from the latin and tango genres!

We want to make this a album that really has alot of emotion and really enjoyable to listen to!

We need you!

Your donations goto producing the cds, travel costs, mixing and mastering of the Album and getting Natalie up here in Montreal from the US safe and sound!

Simple ain't it!? Help us create and share this awesome music with you!

More on us!

Natalie Spehar -

Nikola Ragusa -

Amelie Brodeur -

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