Us = You

We find it much easier asking for help for other people than to ask for our own support. In June this year, we asked for help for premature babies - and many of you generously donated to purchase 3 CPAP oxygen machines to help them breathe. We were astonished and overjoyed at how quickly this need resonated with you.

In the past, we've been used to giving money and time to help others. But now…we're in the position of needing your support personally. If we're not physically here in Kijabe, there's no opportunity for this work to continue and for you to partner with someone on the ground to do the things we are doing together.

Partnership launch

When we made a decision to volunteer in Kijabe for an initial two years, we made a limited partnership development effort - we were planning to just live off of our savings for the balance. We were incredibly blessed despite our very limited efforts, and raised roughly 50% of our living and ministry expenses. We have used our savings to fund the other half....which have quickly dwindled!

We've now committed to extending for another four or so years (at a minimum), and our current model of self-funding with partners is no longer sustainable. We now need to transition to a full partnership model through SIM, as neither of us receives any benefit or salary from our volunteer work in Kijabe; all financial support comes from private donors through SIM. As we transition to this model and commit to staying longer, our monthly budget increases to account for long-term costs including those below.

In order for us to continue here, we need financial partners to commit to one-off or regular monthly funding through SIM which can cover:

Riley and Liam's school fees
Living expenses including housing, utilities, and food
Medical and life insurance
Purchasing and maintaining a 4WD vehicle
Visa, passport, and other government fees
Business/ministry expenses
Plane tickets to and from Kenya

For example, we are about to return in a few months to the US and Australia for a short visit, to share about our work, connect with family and friends, and sell our household goods which are currently sitting in storage. We need to purchase round-trip tickets now to return home and back to Kijabe in May 2013...

So this is our formal partnership launch!

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