Hi All!

The above video is footage of choreography I've developed and workshopped which I'm hoping will become a part of a new work. So far it's working title is 'Fragile China' because every idea needs a name and it's helpful to have a title that you can refer back to!

The basis upon which I've started workshopping this, is to create a piece which explores the emotions and mental space of people who manage to hold themselves together and keep moving forward, even in the worst of situations. A situation as huge and terrible as flood or famine, to something smaller and more personal, such as mental health issues and social isolation. I want the piece to be almost like an ode to the strength of these people and their small victories and how their current vulnerabilities become their strengths later on.

...Anyway, it's a long way from becoming THAT but this video shows you some movement which will be the building blocks to reaching that vision (hopefully). Some of the footage shows the same phrase of movement repeated but shown at a different angle or with subtle changes/additions. I'd also like to mention that none of the choreo was developed to the music playing in the video, I just threw that over the footage because I thought you might appreciate some background noise, rather than 6mins of distorted audio or silence. If you find the music annoying, please feel free to mute!

Would love to hear from you if you have any honest comments/critiques/suggestions. Does the movement evoke anything from you personally?

Music: 'The moribund tree and the toad' by Javier Navarrete - Pan's Labyrinth Soundtrack

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