Trailer Voice Expansion Pack Category Mythology
From the mountain Olympus these ancient inspired fables will rock your public to it’s core. With the power of the gods and their voices this expansion pack offers you a broad generic mythological inspired script.

Voice-over cues for promos, trailers, event introductions, dvd and cd presentations, sports events, launches, epic entrances, teasers, world premieres, song enhancement and many, many more impressive narrative moments. If you need to make an impact, want to blow your audience away, make an everlasting impression on your clients, sweep all your competitors of their feet, or simply blow a hole in the theater’s roof. You should add some of the “Trailer Voice” by Sonokinetic to your productions. Created to meet or exceed the high quality standards of our professional public relation experts, vocal specialists, commercial advisers, recording specialists, sound designers and composers, this library contains a broad collection of generic and
catchy quotes and phrases. Top-notch award winning voice actors spent weeks recording this royalty-free collection of speech samples. Giving their all and performing to the highest quality standard for this unique and one of a kind sound design library. Trailer Voice by Sonokinetic have built this library around talented voice artists. The library provides a broad sound pallet of voice styles and timbres. Each voice collection is divided in different styles, to give you inspiration and provide you with the most impressive, authoritative, hard hitting“Hollywood” warm, mystical and mysterious sound.

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