Handprint Crafts contributes to the development of locally and sustainably made goods, empowering small communities, and protecting cultural and popular heritage. All the materials used in the project are environmental friendly local materials, either raw, recyclable or reused.

The shoes are made of 100% natural rubber, extracted from rubber trees in the Amazonia rainforest.
Rubber tapping is an environmentally friendly activity, the trees are not harmed from the extraction and, instead, they begin to produce more latex afterwards. Rubber extraction also gives economical value to the trees alive and standing, which prevents deforestation. The community understands the value of the trees and protects the land.

Handprint Crafts will start as online commerce through which our partners communities can divulge their products, stories and backgrounds. In order to achieve that we get to know them personally and work with them side by side.

The production is all handmade. People of the community benefit directly or indirectly from the craftwork production and its commerce. We make an effort to integrate women and inspire young generations. Popular culture, traditions and heritage will be preserved and valued. By directly involving in the project communities in undermined conditions we help to promote their values and group identity.

Handprint Crafts complies with fairtrade practises.

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