Working on some updates to the v002 Rutt Etra, bringing in support for lighting and GLSL shader compatibility within Quartz Composer.

These two features allow for some fun effects; per vertex distortions of the geometry let you re-create some of the classic "wobulator" style effects (see Aphex Twin / Chris Cunninham 'Come To Daddy' music video for one of the better more modern usages of this effect).

Lighting support allows more interesting colors and depth to be had in the effect as well.

You can also throw in some normal maps and other crazy shader related fun (Screen Based Ambient Occlusion anyone)?

Some issues still need to be sorted as the GLSL implementation details in Quartz Composer are opaque, thus forcing me to use some hacks which are not very pretty.

This video showcases per pixel lighting and spherical distortion borrowed from the developer example quartz composer patch "SphereMorph.qtz".

There is a lot more fun to be had.

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