Created by Guvenc Ozel ( Cerebral Hut is a kinetic installation that works with an interface that measures brain frequencies and turns them into a reactive environment. It was initially on view in the Fall of 2012 at Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, as part of the Istanbul Design Biennial. Its second installment happened in Saatchi Gallery in London during August 2013, as a part of "Red Never Follows" exhibition sponsored by the fashion brand Hugo. In London, the electromechanical design and applications were updated by media artists Onur Sonmez and Jaak Kaevats.

Cerebral Hut is an interactive installation that explores the relationship between architecture, movement and human thought. We traditionally assume that the built environment, whether in the architectural or the urban scale influences our psyche. What if we can reverse that relationship? What if a kinetic architecture could establish a direct connection between the thoughts of its user and itself in order to reconfigure its physical boundaries accordingly?

Design, Research: Guvenc Ozel, Alexandr Karaivanov
Programming, Mechanical Design: Jona Hoier (Istanbul), Peter Innerhofer (Istanbul), Jaak Kaevats (London), Onur Sonmez (London)
Installation Team: Guvenc Ozel, Alexandr Karaivanov, Lena Krivanek, Peter Innerhofer, Philipp Reinsberg
Administrative Support: Alexandra Graupner, Sabine Peternell
Istanbul Modern Exhibition Curated by: Esra Kahveci
Saatchi Gallery Exhibition Curated by: Platoon Cultural Development

Special Thanks to: Greg Lynn, Gerald Bast, Klaus Bollinger

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