No Deshaking, No Roll/Tilt Compensation, Gopro hard mounted.
No speedup or slowmo, only cut.

Here is the latest test flight with the NEW "Herkules III" brushless
controller for multicopter usage.

The test configuration is:
- Oktokopter Frame AS8, 100cm dimension between axes
- 4,9kg lift-off weight
- FlightControl DJI Wookong
- Motor KW10 (T-Motor GF MT3515-15)
- Props 14x8 Graupner E-Props
- Brushless Controller "Herkules III" with active freewheeling and PPM Firmware
- 2x 6S/4200 Lipo
- GoPro2 (hard mounted)
Flight Time = 14:00 usage 7600 mAh (543 mAh/min)

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