Screen Slate Presents:
(aka Lethal Hunter)
Dir: Arizal, 1988.
92 min. Indonesia.
In Indonesian dubbed into English with Japanese subtitles.

Starring Christopher Mitchum, son of Robert Mitchum and 2012 Republican candidate for California Congressional District 24's United States House of Representatives seat.


Christopher Mitchum returns for what might be the purest expression of mysterious Indonesian action director Arizal’s shoot-’em-up aesthetic as Jake Carver, an “agent” whose self-described occupation is to “fight bad guys.”

In American Hunter, Carver battles a multifariously evil organization over a piece of microfilm to unspecified ends. Highlights include a jeep driving off the side of one skyscraper into the window of another, a three-way motorcycle/pick-up truck/train chase, a baby being run over by a car crashing through the side of a supermarket yet miraculously surviving, an eight minute helicopter chase, an awkwardly clothed shower sex scene, one house explosion, one castle explosion, dozens of car explosions, male bondage and electrocution, and a fist fight inside a dungeon full of what appears to be cardboard boxes overflowing with shredded paper.

Bill “Super Foot” Wallace stars as the bad guy whose nefariousness is conveyed through his variously keeping pet falcons and monkeys on his shoulder, and Peter O’Brien drops in for an unlikely hench villain turn as a businessman who gets the shit kicked out of him then has his legs run over then crashes through a brick wall on the hood of a car.

Approximately ten of the 92 action-packed minutes have been described.

Trailer by C. Spencer Yeh


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