In 2008 I lived for 7 months in San Sebastian, doing an internship. But the main reason for beeing in this beautiful city were the waves that peeled along its shores. Since I can remeber I am fascinated by waves. I can stare at them for hours and hours. Then, years ago, i found a surfmagazine in the middle of germany and it was love at first sight. Strucked by the beautiful pictures it came clear to me: I have to learn surfing and I have to live near the ocean for some time. meanwhile I finished school, started studying media-design, learned alot about filming, editing, photography and animation. The last big project before I came to San Sebastian was a light-art installation called "qbridge" which I realized with a few friends in mainz/germany. This project still very present in mind I thought about the possibilities of combining light-art and water.
In the end the idea was born to combine all my passions in one simple thing: a surfboard with lights inside. With colors changing dependant to the surfers movement, it's also an interactive experience for the surfer. To film and photograph the board is an essential part of the idea, as it opens up new visual possibilities in percieving surfing.
Supported by my university and professors I started planning and constructing the electronics for the board. I asked Pukas for aid and they were fascinated as well. In december 2008 the components were ready to be placed inside foam. Johnny Cabianca shaped the very special board and did a damn good job. The board was ready just on time to join me travel to australia and be tested in waters occupied by sharks. Together with my girlfriend Danny, she's also a filmer and photographer, we travelled up the eastcoast and found Dawes, a brave surfer for some after-sunset-sessions. So the filming and photographing could finally begin.
And that's it so far.

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