What happen when you mix Extreme Martial Arts (backflips, kicks, bo stuff techniques…) with a Cosplay inspired by G.T.O. (Great Teacher Onizuka)? =)

Some months ago (April 22nd, 2012) I wanted to discover it, then I participated to the FEFF 14 Cosplay Contest (Udine) doing some tricks that I learned during the years. We tried the coreography just a couple of times and when we came to the contest, running under the rain, they called us immediately, without the time to breath, that's why was an incredible adventure and I wanted to create a memory about it! Last week I finally found the time to edit all videos I had got, hope you like the final result! ^_^

Video source: Canon 600D and others - 1920x1080 30fps (FullHD)
Editing time: 4h
Editing software: This time I used Adobe Premiere CS6 because FinalCutPro 7 is became unusable after OSX Lion, sadly.

Track 3 - Onizuka Impossible (GTO - Original Soundtrack No.1)
Track 22 - Last Piece (GTO - Original Soundtrack No.1)

I've to say a really big THANK YOU to Silvia, a really special person, for helping and supporting me in the realization of this little but big dream...bearing my nervousness for the incoming performance =)
Thanks also to Eugenio, even if he wasn't in the contest for timing reasons, but joined us in the garden scenes.
A very big thank you to cameramen, my friend Romans (mainly Udine castle garden photage) and guys that works for Matteo Buriani (most of the photage in Loggia del Lionello)
Last but not least, thanks to Valentino Solinas (my tricking master) and the Tricking Course in the New Life Center (UD) gym.

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