The Kernel Festival comprising electronic music, audiovisual mapping, digital and interactive art invited us to take part in its 2012 edition.

Visual Sound Building is an interactive videomapping projected on the north façade of the villa Titoni, close to Milan, which is controlled by the audience using tablets and smartphone.

As if it were a giant synthesiser, the windows of the villa act as buttons that activate and deactivate the sounds of the musical composition and modify the algorithm that generates the visuals. The façade thereby becomes a tool for musical and visual creation which is controlled entirely by the audience using three tablets or their mobile devices.

Our project drew its inspiration from CGA graphics as well as films, music and video games of the 1980s.

For this project, we received sponsorship and assistance from VDMX5 software, which gave us a license for testing and its exhibition.

Music is an essential concept for Architecture. The musical metaphors as composition, reason, rhythm and harmony are used from the Renaissance to describe the architecture of the buildings. In these classical structures, which are then taken as a model, the repetition of motifs like bows and columns along the facades represent the smallest units of the classic Greek and Roman
tradition to which they refer, as if a building will be formed by many small buildings. So it is in the front of the Villa Tittoni Traversi, and in the music synthesizer where each individual sound elements alternate sequentially to form sounds and rhythm.
In this project for the festival Kernel, the mapping is our way to link the architectural rhythm of the facade with the rhythm of the music.


Original Concept and Production: Tigrelab / Welovecode
Visuals and Motion Design: Tigrelab
Interface and Code: Welovecode
Original Music: Franck Desert (Setlego)

Making Of: Tigrelab

Thanks to: VDMX, Kernel Festival, Set Lego

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