The CLEARMTOUCH technology is an interactive touch screen glass created to offer a new innovative approach to multitouch screens like the G3.
CLEARMTOUCH is the perfect mix between fiction and reality offering a unique experience to your customers. The casing allows you to place and display your products inside. Size are available in 22” et 46” diagonal.
Products are lite with, white leds lights (6000-6500k) set on top of the casing and by the reflection of the light produced by the LCD screen (30 to 40%), offering a perfect visibility. The casings use little energy (160 to 235 watts).

The multimedia content (images, videos or 3D animation) will be floating in between or in front of your products. One or more users can using the multitouch screen simultaneously. For a spectacular result and price value your content will be edited using the Snowflakes and multitouch software’s.

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