“Dealing with Difficult Emotions (Essential Spirituality series)”, Rev Dr Arvid Straube, Oct 21 2012 service
• Centering Thought, “This human tendency …” Richard Rudd wisdomquotes.com/quote/richard-rudd-3.html
• Reading: “The Guest house”, Rumi bit.ly/S1ZNtj
• Readings from Pema Chödrön (Author of When Things Fall Apart) bit.ly/TEQPOZ
• “Essential Spirituality: 7 Practices”, Roger Walsh (book) amzn.to/OwNPrU
• “I am an old man …”, Mark Twain bit.ly/TeiMkk
• Karen Armstrong: 12 Steps to a Compassionate Life (Amazon Affiliate Book) amzn.to/xFgKeQ
• Right Effort: Training Your Mind, “ … seeds may never sprout …” bezen.wordpress.com/tag/dharma/
• Suffering = Pain x Resistance, Shinzen Young bit.ly/Nr9cc5
• Treat the negative emotion (Buddhists) yachenlama.com/?page_id=465
• The Mind in Tibetan Buddhism intuition.org/txt/nydahl.htm
• Working with Emotions (Buddhism) viewonbuddhism.org/delusion_introduction.html
• On Anger and Aversion (Buddhism) viewonbuddhism.org/anger.html

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