Lyric -

Daisy was stepped
by a bastard
who plucked her
petals and left her alone

Her friends just watched it
And from the yard they warned
Oh, Daisy, don’t go with the wind
Cuz your scent and beauty
Men don’t know how to appreciate
They just want to pick you from the ground

Oh, Daysy, life is long
And others will show up
Look at this one, so kind
too kind, let's assume he's gay

Oh Daisy don’t get down
We are together in this garden
Look at Jasmine, she didn’t get married
But she’s happy anyway

One day you will find
And when you least expect
You will fall in love


On a beautiful day looking up the sky
Daisy saw the sun
And fell in love at first sight
The light made her blind and crazy in love
He’s a star, He’s not for you
At night you’re gonna suffer

One day a storm came and
Took Daisy away
So alone, at the end of the day
Daisy looked up the sky
and found a sun that loved her
The sunflower is her new love



Desenrolando o caracol pra formar a grande roda. (ela não é a noiva)

Com participação das crianças da E.E. Artur Sabóia

Agradecimento especial às professoras Daniela Zanoni Barbosa e Ana Paula Oliveira.

Fernanda Silva como Margarida.


Realização Fallcoz : Ivan Franco | Raphael Enes | Audrey Giacomelli | Uly Nogueira

Agradecimentos: Ronaldo Miranda, Ana Shiokawa, André Mozor, Roberta Van De Velde Tozzini de Ciccio, Leonardo Barbalho, Lulina & banda, Denis Wilson Noronha, Marly Dedevittiis Giacomelli, Vandinho Santana, Romero Cavalcanti.

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