"Sharing Personal Stories: Atomic Bomb Survivors Meet Harry Truman’s Grandson"
Setsuko Thurlow Testimony

HD, 13 min 5 sec, in English
Wednesday October 17, 2012
Japan Society Student Program (NYC)
This program is co-sponsored by Hibakusha Stories, an initiative of Youth Arts New York, and is offered in cooperation with Peace Boat.

Ms. Setsuko Thurlow:
As a 13-year old schoolgirl, Setsuko Thurlow found herself in close proximity to the hypocenter of the atomic blast that rocked Hiroshima. A survivor of one of the most pivotal events in modern history, she shares her experiences in order to sensitize us to the consequences of armed conflict on civilian populations and to promote lasting peace. She joined forces with the mayors of Toronto, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki to establish the Peace Garden in Toronto. Over the years, she has served with a number of organizations, including Voices of Women, the Canadian Council of Churches and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, à Canadian Pugwash Group and Toronto Hiroshima Day Coalition, continuing her journey from victim to activist. On October 26, 2007, she received the Order of Canada Citation in Toronto, Ontario.

More information, please visit Cinema Forum Fukushima website: wp.me/p2g2dl-d1

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