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(Awards, Screenings and Nominations)

- Graduation documentary short film premiered at The Cathay amongst all 13 selected graduate films from LASALLE, also screened at the LASALLE SHOW 2012
- World-premiered at IDFA 2012, also screened at IDFA Junior which takes place in EYE; the Dutch film museum
- Premiered at ChopShots 2012 Jakarta, Indonesia
- XI Gdansk DocFilm Festival (Dignity & Work) 2013
- Singapore Short Film Awards 2013: Nominated under two categories: Best Documentary and Best Editing. Awarded Best Documentary
- Finalist for The Film Skillet 2013 Documentary Film Contest in Documentary (
- Screened at the Substation First Take/March 2013
- Featured in Culturepush, a Singapore-centric blog supporting local talent
- Featured in’s Weekend Shortlist ( shortlist/thats-wicked/)
- Screened at *SCAPE’s Show It! (15 - 21 April 2013)
- Screened at Georgetown Festival,Tropfest Roughcuts (Penang, Malaysia) (29th June 2013)
- “60 MINUTES with Viddsee” - Screened at Thai Short Film and Video Festival (S-Express series) (22 August - 1 September 2013)
- Invited to Youth Arts Festival Mar 2014 to conduct an artist talk on 21 Feb 2014
- Screened at Le Gluttony Singapore Food and Film Festival 21st & 22th Feb 2014 (and 4 more related events)
- Voted "Most Popular Film" and won "Best of First Take" at The Substation Singapore.


Directed and edited by Joy Lee
Produced by Chermin Teo
Audio Post by Naveen Varma
Shot by Joy Lee, Amar and Valentin
Secondary footage by Jeremy Chua and Glynis Tan.
Behind-the-scenes by Glynis Tan

The Milieu
Subculture is a social-cultural structure that exits as a sort of islet within the larger civilization. Cultural scenes are spaces of representations, expressions and memories; they illuminate the lifestyles of youths.

It was in the late 70s that a youth culture evolved in the poorer parts of New York, which combined several disciplines under the umbrella of Hip Hop. Apart from the four classic elements of Graffiti writing, DJ-ing, Breakdancing and Rapping, the musical side of this culture was enhanced by a fifth element – Beatboxing.

Human Beatbox literally means ‘human drum machine’. It was used as slang for the non-programmable drum machines that were first called rhythm machines. Beatboxing rode the crest of the Hip Hop wave featuring on albums and videos but then it all ended abruptly. By the 1990s Hip Hop was no longer center stage and beatboxers were held back by people’s perceptions of them as novelty value circus acts.

When the Internet emerged and offered new methods of communication for young artists, Beatboxers from all over the world were given the opportunity to connect and share their knowledge on websites through videos and online tutorials. Now Beatboxing has become a global phenomenon.

Despite the fact that Beatboxing is an important element of Hip Hop and A Capella, most Singaporeans still haven’t got a clue as to what beatboxing is all about.

About the Title

Wicked (adj) - a slang that means very, really or great;
use in sentences like,
“That girl’s wicked hot!”,
“That pizza’s wicked awesome!”,
“This documentary film about beatbox is wicked cool!”

About the Aim

I hope that this documentary will allow Singaporeans to finally understand, recognize and accept Human Beatbox as a true form of musical art.

About the Film

Did you know that in the world of Beatbox, Dharni Ng, the pioneer of beatbox in Singapore, is crowned fifth in a world championship held in the year 2010? There are many more beatboxers in our local scene that are struggling to have their passion and talent recognized by Singaporeans who dismiss beatboxing as ‘noise’. Featured in “That’s WICKED!” is fifteen-year-old Martin Tang, among the other enthusiasts. Given his age, you will be amazed at his flair for beatboxing.

That’s WICKED!

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