Asphalt is a dance/opera that tells the story of Racine, an artist abandoned as a child, who walks out of his life and into the landscape of ritual hauntings on the streets of New York City. An aspiring DJ, he uses the elements of jazz, classical and trip hop beats to transcend his urban reality and enter a world made right by music.


Direction by Jane Comfort
Choreography by Jane Comfort and Company
Book and Lyrics by Carl Hancock Rux
Vocal Score by Toshi Reagon
Instrumental Score by DJ Spooky, with additional music by David Pleasant and Foosh
Dramaturgy by Morgan Jenness
Costumes by Liz Prince
Lighting Design by David Ferri

Racine: Manchild
Couchette: Aleta Hayes
Emma: Irene Datcher
Eddie: Julius Hollingsworth
Lilly: Elizabeth Haselwood
Geneva: Karma Mayet Johnson
Thelophonies: Cynthia Bueschel, Stephen Nunley

Copyright© Jane Comfort and Company

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