two years ago there was "Jälle sama, jälle täpselt sama", last year was " In Focus" this year is "Out Of focus". The piupau crew is all over the place but still we manage to find some time to put together a little something about Estonian snowboarding scene.
Out of Focus is going to follow the piupau crew's epic journey searching for fun , spots, competitions, what ever we get our hands on. In every episode there is someone telling the news in our headquarter and trying to give a little overview what is going down.

1. TNGHT - Higher Ground
2.Tieso & Wolfgang - we own the night
3. Neon Indian - Heart
Filming: Hindrek Väravas, Ranno Maasikmets, Siim Aunison
Edit: Hindrek Väravas
Riders: Hindrek Väravas, Ranno Maasikmets, Robert Männa, Ülle-Linda Talts, Ken Põllu, RRM, Siim Aunison

Special thanks to Priit Palumaa for tutoring and Tarmo Tartes for assistance on penoplast snow

piupau 2012

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