There comes a point in every seeker’s evolution when our only desire is to return to the point where we made the decision to be an ego in duality—to retrace the steps of the mad course that lead to the insanity of separation, to head back up the ladder of consciousness to Oneness. At that point we finally understand that no one
has ever done anything to separate us from the love of God, and that the separation, in fact, never happened. The seeking, and the seeker, fall away as we remember our true identity.

Our only problem is the guilt we feel from the belief in our responsibility for the separation, and it is this guilt that has to be addressed. If we allow ourselves to face it, and see our inner world as it really is, we awaken to a mind free of inner conflict and reconnected with the natural world, with the people around us and with Heaven.

The work deals with the issues, needs and desires of our daily life as being the result of an identity we created in our early childhood—when we made the choice for separation from everyone and everything.

As a dreamer, whose only need is to awaken from the dream and return home, all other needs are merely defenses against this awareness. If the call to Oneness is your great desire, this is the seminar for you.

Lency Spezzano, MSc, together with her husband, Chuck Spezzano, PhD, created the Psychology of Vision healing model.. Joining, the method she has developed over the past twenty-six years, confronts inner suffering and transforms it through the grace of the miracle that creates a personal connection with Oneness. She has been leading hundreds of people around the world through the awakening of transcending what A Course in Miracles calls “the secret dream” and beyond.

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