2012 Race of Gentlemen
October 19th, Allenhurst Beach, New Jersey, USA

Racing pre-war and tank shift bikes, and pre war cars, on the beach from Jetty to Jetty.



Huge thanks to Mel Stultz, The Oilers Car Club for driving this event, extra thanks to the people of Allenhurst (esp. the mayor, the chief of police and the fire department), the guys making the porkroll sandwiches (which cured the night before's pre race party, hangover) and the NJ State Police (who were very cool about it all).

From what I could tell there must have been 2,000- 3,000 people there it ran from 10am until late afternoon. The turn out and weather was amazing. It was a day I won't forget in a while.

The attached video is just the footage I picked up with my gopro2 (sorry the audio is so bad, it was in the waterproof case).

Music is Fu Manchu, Hell on Wheels and King of the Road (just happened to be listening to it and it seemed to fit)


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